Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Phone: 1-608-257-1516
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Email: wcasa@wcasa.org
Website: www.wcasa.org
Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Sexual Assault Services, Support Services
Category: Non-Profit

We respectfully acknowledge the WCASA office is on the land of the Ho-Chunk People, and the State of Wisconsin is home to the; Bad River, Brothertown, Forest County Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk, Lac Courte Oreilles, Lac du Flambeau, Menominee, Mole Lake Sokaogon, Oneida, Red Cliff, St. Croix, and Stockbridge-Munsee Tribes who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. We thank them for their strength and resilience in protecting this land as we aspire to uphold our responsibilities according to their example.

WCASA is a statewide coalition and membership agency, dedicated to providing supports and complimenting the work of Wisconsin sexual assault service provider (SASP) agencies, that are working to end sexual violence and offer support, advocacy and information to its victims of sexual assault and their families.

WCASA works to ensure that every survivor in Wisconsin gets the support and care they need. WCASA also works to create the social change necessary to end all forms of sexual violence.

**Updated as of 09/03/2020**

WCASA is a statewide organization dedicated to support and complement the work of Wisconsin’s community-based sexual assault service provider programs and other organizations working to end sexual violence. WCASA does this through:

Training and Technical Assistance
We provide advocacy for the sexual assault service providers in WI, otherwise known as technical assistance (TA). TA is one way we provide support to providers through; phone conversations, emails, web conference calls, in-person meetings, training and program visits. Training is provided, statewide, regional, as webinars and program-specific.

We work with service providers on implementing prevention methods in their communities. Sharing related prevention resources, discussing approaches and methods for implementing and developing best practices around prevention.

Sexual violence impacts individuals, but its root causes are interwoven throughout our entire culture. Therefore, to eradicate violence, we must all evaluate the prevailing language, attitudes, and cultural beliefs about race, gender, orientation, and ability. Understanding the intersections of oppression is critical to sexual violence work. WCASA works with partners doing Racial Justice work to identify ways to support efforts.

Survivors and Allies
The Survivors and Allies Task Force is a statewide group of sexual assault survivors and their allies working towards bringing the voice of the survivor to the sexual assault movement. WCASA holds an annual “day of healing” event in Madison for Survivors and Allies to proved a safe space for education and healing. See Survivors & Allies Task Force events

We work with service providers on best practices around collecting data and implementing evaluation methods in their programs and communities.

Policy & Law
WCASA works to influence, shape and enhance policy and law that impacts survivors of sexual assault, their families, and sexual assault providers. We introduce, track, and respond to bills that affect survivors and communities. At the state level, we testify before state legislative committees and connect with state legislators. We continue to educate SASPs about relevant laws and policies and support them in contacting their legislators. We also provide input on court rules and other state policies that pertain to sexual violence, victim services, and many other social justice issues. See WCASA's 2019-20 Public Policy Agenda to learn more.

WCASA supports and provides expertise in both local and statewide efforts to improve how these systems respond to sexual assault survivors. Some hallmarks of system reform include: implementing trauma-informed responses to the survivor, increasing survivor access to information (including confidential community-based advocacy services), and placing survivor interests at the center of system responses while also enhancing efforts to hold offenders accountable.

**Updated as of 09/03/2020**


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