Rigalu Foundation

Rigalu Foundation

Phone: 1-671-472-8931
Email: rigaluguam@gmail.com
Types of Services Offered: Child Support & Advocacy
Category: Non-Profit


Rigålu,” translated from Chamorro means “gift,” a theme that gives First Lady Calvo a conduit to support a wide range of community initiatives.  Drawing from her intense connection to family, faith, compassion and service, the first lady is one of the Guam’s most vocal advocates for foster children.  With foster care initiatives at the forefront of their work, the Rigålu Foundation has created a multi-faceted mission to strengthen the community through these main areas:  Foster care, Early Childhood Education, Sports Tourism, The Arts & Humanities, & Literacy.

With each of these goals and her enthusiastic support for so many others, the First Lady’s Rigålu Foundation truly lives up to its name with the many gifts they share throughout the community. Beyond their accomplishments, First Lady Calvo is most proud of all those who have answered the Rigålu Foundation’s call to serve others. “We’ve helped so many people these past four years and with this momentum, I see the Rigålu Foundation being there to support future generations of Guamanians,” First Lady Calvo said.  “But this success wouldn’t be possible without the miracle workers who help us make a difference in the lives of those who needs us most.” From the construction of permanent bus shelters; to providing hundreds of school uniforms and shoes to foster kids every year, the Rigålu Foundation’s initiatives are inspired by children and our collective need to strengthen their future.  Along with sponsorship of important sports tourism-related activities such as the International Table Tennis Federation World Cadet Challenge; and the successful operation of the Government House Peace Festival for two years in a row, First Lady Christine M.S. Calvo sees each day as a new reason to nurture, build and inspire.

Note: Data for this listing was compiled from online sources by UOG social work students enrolled in SW110 Introduction to Community Services on Guam classes (Sections 1 and 2) in the spring semester of 2017.

  • Share the gift of LOVE: Foster Kids
All kids need love.  And making sure that every child is loved when they need it most is the heart and soul of the Rigålu Foundation’s work.  Foster kids, foster families and the services and volunteers that support them can always count on a helping hand from the Rigålu Foundation.
  • Share the gift of KNOWLEDGE: Early Childhood Learning
The Rigålu Foundation is a proud partner of Guam’s Early Childhood Development and Educational initiatives.  With our eyes on the nenis from birth to five, you can be sure that sharing your gift with Guam through Rigålu Foundation will have long-term impact on our island’s most precious resource:  our children.

  • Share the gift of COURAGE: Helping Talented Guamanians Reach for the Stars
Guam is filled with the budding aspirations of extremely talented athletes, musicians, vocalists, artists, producers, writers, world class chefs and so many more whose next step toward their goals needs just a little bit of help!  And the Rigålu Foundation is proud to be there to help our rising stars make their way – wherever they must go.

  • Share the gift of LIFE: Protecting Our Families, Preventing Violence, Saving Lives
The EveryONE Movement is an opportunity for us to be the voice for someone who is alone, hurt and afraid.  As active members of many other non-profit organizations and causes, the Rigålu Foundation Board of Directors are deeply committed to preventing the violence that hurts so many in our community.  We believe that building a stronger Guam for tomorrow means that we have to create a safer Guam today.

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