Guam Department of Education - Division of Special Education

Guam Department of Education - Division of Special Education

Phone: 1-671-300-1322, 1-671-300-2293
Types of Services Offered: Disability Services, Education & Training, Support Services
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As a parent of a school aged child, you have expectations that your child will learn skills and master the information that is typical for her grade level.  Academic skills such as reading, writing and mathematics start at the basic levels and then become more advanced at a regular pace.  So do other skills such as self-discipline, organizational abilities and social interactions.


For some kids though, mastering those skills appear to be more of a challenge.  Even with regular attendance and support, grasping the material or learning appropriate behaviors for each age level just seems to be taking longer than usual.


Services are available if you have concerns about your child's development, academic or behavior.  You may ask that she be evaluated to determine the reasons for her delay.


Division of Special Education Goals and Objectives:


  • To ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) that is designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for post-secondary outcomes.


  • Protect the rights of children and their parents


  • Ensure that educators and parents are provided the necessary tools to improve the quality of services provides to students with disabilities.


  • To provide the means for children to obtain an adequate education based on the requirements under local and federal mandates.


  • Complete and meet the targets set forth by stakeholders on DOE State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR) indicators.


  • Full compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act.

    **Updated as of 08/25/2020**



 Is Your Child Experiencing one or more of the following?


  • Doesn't seem to hear me (not just selective listening)
  • Clumsy, uncoordinated
  • Doesn't like to read
  • Has difficulty with cutting, pasting, coloring and writing activities
  • Consistently avoids doing homework
  • Extremely restless and impulsive
  • Immature emotionally and socially
  • Hard to understand speech
  • "Spacey", disoriented, can't make choices
  • Poor memory;slow recall of facts
  • Poor ability to follow directions or routines
  • Makes consistent reading, spelling and writing errors
  • Very poor handwriting/printing
  • Can't stay with an activity
  • Constantly losing things
  • Overreacts - too angry, too silly, too fearful
  • Strong discrepancies in skills and knowledge
  • Often loses place or skips lines while reading
  • Squints when reading;holds book too close or too far
  • Doesn't finish tasks
  • Academic skills slow in developing
  • Makes the same mistakes over andover
  • Has trouble following directions and routines
  • Eassily distracted by sounds, odors, things around him.her
  • Seems to need unusual amount of attention
  • Unusually shy or withdrawn
  • Cannot remember a sight word even a short time after he or she seems able to identify it automatically


Keep in mind that all children may experience one or several of these behaviors but children with learning problems demonstrate these behaviors more often, to a greater degree and in more settings than their peers.


If you have concerns about your child's development you may:






  • Contact your child's school
    • Teacher(s)
    • Principal
    • Counselor
  • Contact the Division of Special Education
    • Parent Services Office - 300-1321
    • Administration Office - 300-1322

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