University of Guam - Educational Talent Search (ETS)

University of Guam - Educational Talent Search (ETS)

Phone: 1-671-735-2246
Fax: 1-671-734-7514
Types of Services Offered: Education & Training
Category: Government Local

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is part of the federally funded TRIO Programs at the University of Guam funded by the U.S Department of Education, designed to identify and assist individuals who have the potential to succeed in higher education. ETS serves 738 students grades 8th-12th where two-thirds of the participants must be first generation college students (neither parents graduated from college), and from low-income families. 

**Updated as of 09/02/2020**

ETS offers a variety of FREE academic services, as well as information, guidance, and assistance with various area concerning student success. Below are the various services provided to our student participants base on their current grade levels.

Middle School Services (8th Grade Students Only)

  • Tutorial Connections
  • Provide Career Exploration, Learning Styles and Study Skill Activities
  • Provide High School Preparation Activities (Saturday, Winter and Summer Workshops)
  • Provide Academic Assistance (i.e. study skills, learning styles, financial literacy and self-development)

High School Services (9th and 10th Grade Students Only)
  • High School Graduation Course Requirements
  • Pre-college Test Prep and Registration Information
  • Scholarship Research and Information
  • Financial Literacy Information
  • Provide Career Information
  • Career Field Trips and Guest Speakers

High School Services (11th and 12th Grade Students Only)
  • College Admission Information
  • Course Requirement for College
  • College Campus Visits
  • Career Field Trips and Guest Speakers
  • Pre-college Test Preparation and Registration Assistance (SAT, ACT, Placement Exams)
  • Scholarship Research and Information
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Career Information and Tutorial Connections
  • Financial literacy

**Updated as of 09/02/2020**

UOG Station, Mangilao, GUAM, GUAM

UOG Station, Mangilao, GUAM, GUAM



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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