Department of Public Health & Social Services - Emergency Medical Services

Department of Public Health & Social Services - Emergency Medical Services

Phone: 1-671-735-7404 thru 7411
Types of Services Offered: Medical & Health Services
Category: Government Local


Under the Guam Code Annotated, Health and Safety, Chapter 84 the Office of the Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the administration of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system on Guam to include the establishment of an effective pre-hospital emergency medical services system. This includes the necessary equipment, personnel and facilities to ensure that all emergency patients receive prompt, adequate medical care.

This office is also responsible for ensuring that all standards, rules, and regulations are followed for emergency medical services personnel, equipment, supplies, training programs, facilities, communications systems, and other locations as may be required to establish and maintain an adequate system of emergency medical services.     

Note: Data for this listing was compiled from online sources by UOG social work students enrolled in SW110 Introduction to Community Services on Guam classes (Sections 1 and 2) in the spring semester of 2017.    

·       Emergency Medical Services for Children

The EMS Office administers the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program. This is a federally funded program, established to ensure that all children and adolescents receive appropriate medical care in a health emergency-no matter where they live, travel, or attend school. Services provided under this program include pediatric emergency care training to emergency medical technicians and nurses and procurement of pediatric emergency equipment. This program also supports two resource centers: National Resource Center (NRC) and the National Emergency Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC). The NRC has a nongovernmental website with free information for parents and professionals on disaster preparedness, what to do for pediatric emergencies, and links to other information and news.

·       Emergency Medical Services Commission

No Summary Available.

1-671-735-7404 thru 7411

EMS, also known as Emergency Medical Service, is a service designated by the Commission as providing emergency medical assistance on the scene, enroute, and at designated emergency medical facilities. EMS goes by other names such as paramedic service, first aid squad, FAST squad, and rescue squad.

Purpose: To provide medical care to the people who most need it with the goal of satisfactorily treating the presenting conditions, or arranging for timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care.

Services Provided:

· Out of hospital acute medical care.

· Transport to definitive care.

· Other medical Transport for patients with illnesses and injuries that prevent patients from transporting themselves.

Infants, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

emergency, medical services, public health

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