Hawai'i AIDS Education and Training Center

Hawai'i AIDS Education and Training Center

Phone: 1-808-373-6222
Fax: 1-808-356-0313
Email: kpatrick@hawaii.edu
Types of Services Offered: Education & Training, HIV/AIDS Services
Category: Non-Profit

The Hawai'i AIDS Education and Training Center (HAETC) is located at the University of Hawai'i, John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu: an important epidemiological transition point between East and West. The HAETC provides HIV/AIDS capacity building, technical assistance, prevention education, and clinical training/consultation to health care provders, community health centers and care team staff throught the State. Programs feature collaborations with community based organizations and the private sector, which has enhanced linkage to care, reengagement in care and medication adherence activities. For well over a decade HAETC has provided clinical education and training services to the resourceschallenged US Pacific Island Jurisdictions. Through direct, on-site training, and multi-platform distance learning methods, the HAETC bridges the enormous distances of the region to strengthen HIV clinical care, testing, and prevention efforts.

In-person training, distance learning, capacity building and technical assistance.

Talita Bowen


Kevin Patrick


3221 Waialae Avenue Suite 382, Honolulu, Hawaii, HAWAII

3221 Waialae Avenue Suite 382, Honolulu, Hawaii, HAWAII



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

08:00 AM

05:00 PM


HIV, AIDS, Public Health, HIV prevention, HIV treatment, HIV screening, HIV testing

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