Department of Public Health and Social Services – Division of Public Welfare - Bureau of Management Support - Work Programs Section -Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program and the Guam Employment Training Program (GETP)

Department of Public Health and Social Services – Division of Public Welfare - Bureau of Management Support - Work Programs Section -Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program and the Guam Employment Training Program (GETP)

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Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Education & Training, Support Services, Employment Services
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The Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program (JOBS) is designed to help you move to self-sufficiency.  It is designed to help you become financially independent and able to support your family on your own. JOBS will help build skills you need for a better job and help you solve problems that may be holding you back. JOBS will also help pay for childcare and provide reimbursement for work related expenses and transportation, education for a High School diploma or GED while participating in an allowable JOBS component.

All clients under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) are required to register to participate in the JOBS program, unless they meet the exemption criteria. Failure to comply will result in loss of TANF benefits.

What Happens in the Jobs Program?

When you participate in JOBS, you will meet with our JOBS staff to determine what services you need and what kinds of activities would be right for you. You have to meet the following work requirements:

  • Keep an appointment for an assessment or job interview
  • Accept any suitable job offer of 30 hours per week or more
  • Must not reduce work hours to below 30 hours per week
  • Go to work assignment, such as CWEP, education or jobs/skills training

The minimum average number of participation hours required per week is:
  • Single-Parent and 2-parent Households: Each individual must work 32.5 hours
  • Teen Parents: Each individual must work 20 hours

Types of Employment, Training and Education Programs Available


Unsubsidized Employment – Any full or part-time employment in the public or private sector that is not subsidized by TANF or any other public program, including self-employment.

Subsidized Employment – Any full or part time employment, in the private or public sector, for which the employer receives a subsidy from TANF or any other public program.

Work Experience – This is work activity performed in return for welfare that provides an individual with an opportunity to acquire the general skills, knowledge, and work habits necessary to obtain employment. Individuals do not receive wages or compensation.

On the Job Training – OJT is training in the public or private sector that is given to a paid employee while he or she is engaged in productive work and that provides knowledge and skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job.

Job Search and Job Readiness – Job Search includes looking for suitable job openings, making contact with potential employer, applying for vacancies, and interviewing for jobs. Job Readiness assistance involves help with preparing resumes/applications, interviewing skills, instruction in work place expectations, life skills training, and substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, or rehabilitation activities not otherwise counted as a subsidized activity.

Community Service Program – Work activity in which TANF recipients perform work for the direct benefit for the community in a public or non-profit organization.

Vocational Educational Training (not to exceed 12 months) – any organized vocational educational programs that are directly related to the preparation of individuals for employment in current or emerging occupation requiring training which includes a baccalaureate or advanced degree, instructional certificate programs, industry skills certificates, or other course work. Vocational educational training programs are provided by vocational technical schools, community colleges, Universities and employment training entities.

Child Care Services – An individual, under the TANF program, that is looking into participating in a community service program can acquire the services of another individual under the TANF program to provide child care services. This activity is unpaid and monitored on an on-going basis.


Jobs Skills Training Directly Related to Employment – Training or education for job skills required by an employer to provide employment or to help in advancement in the changing demand of a workplace.
Education Directly Related to Employment – This to provide educational activities to a work-eligible individual, who is an adult, who has not received a high school diploma or equivalent.

SUPPORT SERVICES: Child Care, Transportation, Ancillary Payments, Work-Related Expenses,
Child Care Services – Available during the time that an individual participates in an employment, education, or training program. This service is an in-home service that may be filled by a relative or non-relative.

Transportation – JOBS will reimburse an individual for any transportation costs attained while in a work program.

Ancillary Payments – JOBS provide cash assistance up to $250 per year for work related expenses needed for employment.

Transitional Services – In the event that increased earning create a loss of TANF eligibility, an individual may receive transitional childcare assistance for a period of up to one year.

**Updated as of 9/02/2020**

Education & Training, Employment Services, Information & Referral, Support Services

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