Department of Public Health of American Samoa Government

Department of Public Health of American Samoa Government

Phone: 1-684-633-4116, 1-684-633-2269
Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Medical & Health Services, HIV/AIDS Services

It's our mission to provide the best possible services and resources to improve the lives of the people of American Samoa.

Our Divisions offer many programs and services aimed at supporting our communities in the areas of:

  • behavioral health;
  • child care;
  • community-based capacity building activities;
  • nutritional counseling and education;
  • referral and support services for individuals with developmental disabilities;
  • substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment;
  • supplemental nutrition assistance for low-income elderly, blind and disabled individuals;
  • supplemental nutritional assistance for women, infants, and children.

Department of Public Health Services include:

- screening for HIV, ViralHepatitis, TB and STD;
- conduct health educations through schools, youth church groups, MSM, Correctional facilities, government

agencies, IDU, prenatal clinics and all other related activities.


1-684-633-4116, 1-684-633-2269

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

07:00 AM

04:00 PM

Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

American Samoa, Public Health, HIV/AIDS

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