Guam Fire Department

Guam Fire Department

Phone: 1-671-642-3321
Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Medical & Health Services, Transportation Services, Public Assistance Services
Category: Government Local

The members of the Guam Fire Department proudly serve the citizens of our community and willingly pitch in to protect and serve their friends and neighbors regardless of the situation or the possibility of injury, or even loss of their life.

 Guam Fire Department- Agat Station 565-2700
 Guam Fire Department- Astumbo Station 633-6626
 Guam Fire Department- Barrigada Station 734-2264
 Guam Fire Department- Dededo Station 632-5197
 Guam Fire Department- Inarajan Station 828-8177
 Guam Fire Department- Piti Station 472-8139
 Guam Fire Department- Sinajana Station 472-6342
 Guam Fire Department- Talafofo Station 789-3473
 Guam Fire Department- Tamuning/Tumon Station 646-8801/8802
 Guam Fire Department- Umatac/Merizo Station 828-8572
 Guam Fire Department- Yigo Station 653-3473
 Guam Fire Department- Yona Station 789-2231
 Guam Fire Department- Search & Rescue 1 & 2 Station 642-3330/3359
 Guam Fire Department- Search & Rescue 3 Station 565-4118

updates as of 09/04/2020



24 - hours

24 - hours

Infants, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

fire department, government local, public assistance, information & referral, transportation services, medical & health

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