Superior Court of Guam - Teaching Healing and Recovery for Women In Violent Environment (THRIVE)

Superior Court of Guam - Teaching Healing and Recovery for Women In Violent Environment (THRIVE)

Phone: 1-671-475-3101, 1-671-475-3383
Types of Services Offered: Counseling Services, Information & Referral, Legal Advocacy & Resources, Support Services
Category: Government Local

THRIVE: Teaching Healing and Recovery for Women In Violent Environments 

THRIVE empowers women by providing education about family violence & opportunities to learn new strategies in life skills to support new life changes.

Why Learn About Family Violence?

•   No one ever deserves to be abused and no one has a “right” to be abusive.
•   Family Violence is the use of intimidation and fear to maintain power and control over a family 
     member. It can include physical abuse and it can also include any form of disrespectful behavior 
     against those claimed to be loved.
•   Family Violence destroys the human spirit.
•   Family Violence is learned behavior. It is behavior that CAN be changed.
Women Have A Right To...

  • Be safe...
  • Be happy...
  • Believe in themselves...
  • Have their own Identity...
  • Be heard...
  • Be taken seriously...
  • Be treated with respect & kindness...
  • Have peace of mind...
  • Laugh, live and be themselves. 
**Updated as of 08/27/2020**


  • Helps women understand that although everyone's experience is different, they are not alone.
  • Provides a safe, confidential place to talk about your thoughts, feelings, experiences and get information and/or support.
  • Offers a woman a chance to discuss questions, confusion or fears about their relationships.
  • Women are able to identify their strengths and goals, make sense of options, and be better able to make decisions.
  •  Women are offered healthy ways for coping with overwhelming emotions. 

**Updated as of 08/27/2020**

Kelly Sukola, MA

Melissa Chargulaf, MSCP

120 West O'Brien Drive, Hagatna, GUAM

1-671-475-3101, 1-671-475-3383

Monday, Wednesday

05:00 PM

07:00 PM

Must schedule an appointment for an assessment.
Length: 20 sessions


Client Services & Family Counseling Services,

2nd Floor
Guam Judicial Center
120 West O’Brien Drive, Hagatna

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