University of Guam - Violence Against Women Prevention Program (VAWPP)

University of Guam - Violence Against Women Prevention Program (VAWPP)

Phone: 1-671-735-2890
Fax: 1-671-735-5255
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Campus Resources, Sexual Assault Services, Education & Training
Category: Government Local

The Violence Against Women Prevention Program is a resource and victim services center working to prevent violent crimes against women, particularly domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Our services are available for University of Guam students, staff, faculty, and members of their families.

**Updated as of 09/02/2020**

The VAWPP provides:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Victim Advocacy/Counseling
  • Education and Training
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Advisement on Legal Options
  • Referrals to Resources and Other Services
  • Community Outreach
All of our services are confidential. Information is released only through client's consent.

**Updated as of 09/02/2020**

University of Guam; Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg. Rm. 103, Mangilao, GUAM, GUAM

UOG Station, Mangilao, GUAM, GUAM



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

08:00 AM

05:00 PM

Teens, Adults

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