Fleet and Family Support Center - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program - Naval Base Guam (NBG)

Fleet and Family Support Center - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program - Naval Base Guam (NBG)

Phone: 1-671-339-2654, 1-671-339-2145/2654 (Office) , 1-671-483-7129 (Navy Sexual Assault Response Coordinator) , 1-671-488-0514 (24-Hour Emergency Number)
Website: safehelpline.org
Types of Services Offered: Sexual Assault Services
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Mission and Goals

The Fleet and Family Support Center at Naval Base Guam (NBG) is here to serve the fleet and family needs of the military community on Guam.  The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program at NBG is housed in The Fleet and Family Support Center for your convenience.  This service facilitates the filing of restricted or unrestricted reports about sexual abuse/assault of military members.  Help is available 24/7 on the emergency line 488-0514 and on www.safehelpline.org.  Safe Helpline is a confidential and anonymous sexual assault hotline for the DoD community.  This service supports military member survivors of sexual assault as they receive medical treatment, counseling, legal assistance and other support services. The Navy is a full-partner in the DoD-wide unity of effort and purpose on sexual assault prevention and response across the five lines of effort of prevention, investigation, accountability, advocacy/victim assistance,and assessment.

The goal of this organization reflects the DoD mission regarding sexual assault: Prevent sexual assault through required annual SAPR training on NBG and throughout the fleet.  If a sexual assault occurs in Guam, it is our obligation to fully assist the victim in their needs.  When one of our military members is harmed it affects everyone, on ship and shore.  Sexual assault degrades Navy readiness wherever and whenever it occurs.  Integrity and mission focus are compromised and readiness destroyed.   

Restricted and Unresticted Reports

Following a sexual assault, the military member may choose to make a restricted or unrestricted report.  Unrestricted reports require the command to be notified and an investigation to occur which may involve local law enforcement and disclosure of the sexual assault survivors name in reporting. Restricted reporting allows a Military Member who is a sexual assault victim, on a confidential basis, to disclose the details of his/her assault to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatement and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process.  Military Members who are sexually assaulted and desire restricted reporting under this policy should report the assault to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), Victim Advocate (VA), Chaplain, or Healthcare Personnel. 

Those who choose restricted reporting may prefer the confidentiality of this method. However, no investigation into the assault will occur and nothing will happen to the accused, leaving the alleged subject in a position to likely sexually assault others. Also, Military Protective Orders are not available to the victim, nor will action be taken to separate the victim from the accused. Also, protection offered under restricted reporting is void in the event the incident is discussed with anyone else.

If a victim consents in writing to allow information to be disclosed to commander/law enforcement, the confidential terms of the Restricted Report may be circumvented. You may always change your reporting to Unrestricted if you choose, you cannot go back to Restricted Reporting after you select Unrestricted Reporting.  Other circumstances or exceptions to Restricted Reporting include:

  • Whenever there is a serious or imminent threat, Command and Law Enforcement will be notified
  • Disability Boards will receive certain information to determine fitness for duty or retirement disability
  • SARC, VA and Healthcare Personnel can share information among each other as needed to facilitate supervision/coordination of victim services and treatment
  • Military and civillian courts or judges may order release of information (e.g., cases of mandatory reporting for child abuse or domestic violence)
Help is always available through SafeHelpline.org 877-995-5247 for confidential support.

Note: Data for this listing was compiled from online sources by UOG social work students enrolled in SW110 Introduction to Community Services on Guam classes (Sections 1 and 2) in the spring semester of 2017.

Counseling, Chaplaincy/Spiritual Support, Medical Treatment, Legal Services (Victim Legal Counsel), Resource Referral, Counseling Services, Information & Referral, Legal Advocacy & Resource, Sexual Assault Services, Support Services.


1-671-339-2654, 1-671-339-2145/2654 (Office) , 1-671-483-7129 (Navy Sexual Assault Response Coordinator) , 1-671-488-0514 (24-Hour Emergency Number)

Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Navy, military, counseling, sexual assault, sexual abuse, prevention, support services, family

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