Department of Public Health and Social Services - Bureau of Communicable Disease Control – STD/HIV/Viral Hepatitis Program

Department of Public Health and Social Services - Bureau of Communicable Disease Control – STD/HIV/Viral Hepatitis Program

Phone: 1-671-635-7149/311, 1-671-635-7494, 1-671-747-0111 (hotline), 1-671-747-0113 (hotline)
Fax: 1-671-300-7355
Types of Services Offered: Counseling Services, Medical & Health Services, Education & Training, HIV/AIDS Services
Category: Government Local

Department of Public Health and Social Services- Bureau of Communicable Disease Control- STD/HIV Program provides information on HIV and AIDS in Guam, and promotes AIDS awareness. This program provides counseling, testing, and/or treatment on HIV & STD.

**Updated as of 08/28/2020**

  • STD/HIV Prevention Program prevents and controls the spread of HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases by delivering high quality HIV/STD strategies in the jurisdiction

Program services:

HIV/STD Counseling, Testing, Referral (CTR) services
Prevention for Positives
Partner Services
Condom distribution
Health education risk reduction and public information campaign known as “Prutehi Hao” or “Protect Yourself”.
For more information about the program’s services, call the Guam AIDS Hotline: 747-0111/0113
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program enhances access to and retention in high quality care and treatment for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have insufficient or no health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV disease.
  • Improve access to care
  • Fill gaps in care not covered by other sources such as Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Indigent          Program (MIP), or private health insurance.
  • Payer of last resort – safety net for uninsured and low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
Program Eligibility:
  • Be HIV positive
  • Live on Guam
  • Have an annual household income that does not exceed 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Enroll in medical case management
  • Registered as a patient at Northern/Southern Region Community Health Center
  • For more information call 747-0111/3.
  • HIV Surveillance Program HIV Surveillance Program provides and overview on the current epidemiology of HIV disease in the territory by collecting surveillance data on persons diagnosed with HIV infection; client level information is reported confidential by age, race, sex, and transmission category. The purpose is to monitor and characterize the HIV epidemic and for planning and evaluating HIV-related prevention and care programs. For more information call 747-0111/3.

Vince Aguon

520 Santa Monica Avenue, Dededo, GUAM, GUAM

123 Chalan Kareta, Mangilao, GUAM, GUAM

1-671-635-7149/311, 1-671-635-7494, 1-671-747-0111 (hotline), 1-671-747-0113 (hotline)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

08:00 AM

04:00 PM

Dededo Facility: Monday and Wednesday 8am-5pm
STD/HIV Counseling & Testing Services:
Monday and Wednesday 8am-12pm, 1pm-4pm
To schedule an appointment 635-7494, 747-0111/3


Infants, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

public health, social services, disease control, CDC, STD, HIV

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