Catholic Social Service - Alee Women's Shelter

Catholic Social Service - Alee Women's Shelter

Phone: 1-671-648-5888, 1-671-648-HOPE (4673) (Crisis Hotline)
Fax: 1-671-635-1444
Types of Services Offered: 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotlines, Domestic Violence Services, Housing Services, Sexual Assault Services, Support Services
Category: Non-Profit

The Alee Women’s Shelter provides emergency/protective shelter for victims of family domestic violence & sexual assault. The shelter serves women, with or without children, who are in crisis from family domestic violence & sexual assault.

**Updated as of 07/13/2020**


Services Provided:

  • Protective shelter for up to 45 days.
  • Meals and clothing assistance.
  • Moral and physical support for victims to begin a new healthy life-style.
  • The shelter offers respite care and childcare as needed to allow adult clients to access services to ensure their future safety and to promote independent living.
  • Case management services to obtain necessary financial assistance, medical help, food stamps, housing and legal services for clients.
  • Acess to workshop that focus on good hygienic health care, family health, nutrition, good housekeeping, parenting skills, coping skills, assertiveness skills building self-esteem and enhancing knowledge of self-worth which helps to improve interpersonal relationships.
    • Continued case management services after leaving the shelter

**Updated as of 07/13/2020**

Paula Perez


1-671-648-5888, 1-671-648-HOPE (4673) (Crisis Hotline)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

24 - hours

24 - hours

The location of the shelter is kept confidential in order to provide safety and security.


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