Guam Community College

Guam Community College

Phone: 1-671-735-5531
Types of Services Offered: Campus Resources, Education & Training
Category: Government Local

Students first, Mission Always! It is that simple. Everyone who works at Guam Community College is passionate and wants to see YOU succeed.

GCC is an accredited two-year college offering a Bachelor of Science in Career & Technical Education, 23 Associate Degrees, 18 Certificates, 13 Secondary Programs, Adult High School Diplomas/High School Equivalency Exam, and Continuing Education Courses.

 Guam Community College is a multi-faceted public career and technical education (CTE) institution, created by the Community College Act of 1977 to strengthen and consolidate career and technical education on Guam. The College operates secondary and postsecondary CTE programs, adult and continuing education, community education, and short-term specialized training, as dictated by community and industry needs. These programs are delivered on campus, in satellite programs at Guam’s public high schools, through mayors’ offices, and on site at businesses as needed. The College also serves as the State Board of Control for Vocational Education for Guam.

Guam Community College is a leader in career and technical workforce development, providing the highest quality, student-centered education and job training for Micronesia. 

Sinangan Misión (Chamorro translation)
Guiya i Kulehon Kumunidåt Guåhan, i mas takhilo’ mamanaguen fina’che’cho’ yan i teknikåt na kinahulo’ i manfáfache’cho’ ya u na’ guáguaha nu i manakhilo’ yan manmaolek na tiningo’ ni i manmafananågui yan i  fina’na’guen cho’cho’ para Maikronesiha.

Guam Community College will be the premier educational institution for providing globally recognized educational and workforce development programs.

1 Sesame Street, Mangilao , GUAM, GUAM

P.O. Box 23069 GMF, Barrigada, GUAM


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

08:00 AM

05:30 PM


Teens, Adults, Seniors

community college, education & training

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