Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Phone: 1-404-209-0280
Fax: 1-404-766-3800
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Information & Referral, Education & Training
Category: Non-Profit


The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) envisions a Georgia free of domestic violence.  We empower survivors and the programs that serve them, we educate the public, and we advocate for responsive public policy.  Our strength is in numbers, as we collaborate throughout Georgia to stop domestic violence.


- Fostering quality services for victims by increasing the capacity of members and service providers.
- Mobilizing a statewide voice to increase public policy development that helps victims and prevents DV.
- Educating the public to take action and prevent domestic violence.


- Empowerment and Self-Determination: We believe in the right to have control over one’s body, mind, and spirit.
- Safety: We believe in the right to live free from abuse and violence, and the fear of violence.
- Diversity and Equality: We believe in the strength of diversity and value differences among ourselves and within our communities. We believe in the equality of all and in individual human rights, regardless of; race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, immigration status, age, gender identity/expression, marital status, sexual preference/orientation, pregnancy, medical condition, disability, veteran’s or military status, or any other protected characteristic under the law.
- Survivor-Centered Response: We believe in the critical importance of a highly effective statewide coordinated network of survivor-centered services for those affected by domestic violence.
- Social Change and Collaboration: We believe in the power to effect broad social change through individual and collective action. We affirm the power of collaborative efforts organizationally, systemically and globally. We believe in a commitment to be visionary and forward-thinking in addressing the needs of survivors.
- Systems Accountability: We believe that social systems and institutions should be held accountable for ending the behaviors, practices, mores and other conditions that foster domestic and sexual violence, and to honoring the rights of survivors to justice, safety and healing.
- Commitment to Nonviolence: We believe in showing a commitment to nonviolence through speech and actions that promote peace. We believe in working against all abuse such as emotional, physical, sexual and financial, and for the removal of causes of violence and injustice including systemic poverty and oppression. We strive to live peacefully within our own community as we pursue a more just and non-violent world.
- Confidentiality: We believe in the importance of upholding the confidentiality of sensitive organizational information and the right of every survivor to confidentiality in their communications with advocates.
- Integrity: We believe in acting with integrity in all our dealings with one another, being truthful and honest and fair. We undertake all our commitments and responsibilities in good faith.  We strive to take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and to hold each other mutually responsible for living in accordance with our principles and community agreements. We are careful and honest in our evaluations of others’ work, whether of colleagues, or co-workers.
- Safe Space: We believe in sustaining a safe place for dialogue and sharing where a supportive atmosphere and cooperative spirit is developed and encouraged and where open and authentic communication such as empathic and non-judgmental listening, constructive feedback, mutual problem-solving and equal respect for all participants are the norms.
- Responsibility to Mission and Team: We believe in integrity, ethical accountability, and responsible caretaking of all organizational resources. We believe in the commitment to “Team”. We believe that the success of our organizational mission is achieved through the success of its individuals. We support each team member in their right to loyalty, honor, respect and support.
- Remembering and honoring the “Herstory” of the Movements: We believe in the importance of remembering the contributions of the movements to end battering, rape and all sexual assault and domestic violence and to honoring contributions of our foremothers in those movements.
- Celebrate! We believe in celebration. We are committed to honoring our work, passion and commitment through openly giving and receiving appreciation, respect and honor. We are committed to cultivating the attributes of healthy individuals, team members, and team.

**Updated as of 09/03/2020**

114 New Street, Suite B, Decatur, Georgia, ALASKA AND CONTINENTAL US



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