Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Phone: 1-808-832-9316
Fax: 1-808-841-6028
Email: info@hscadv.org
Website: www.hscadv.org
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Information & Referral, Education & Training
Category: Non-Profit

The Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (HSCADV) is a private, not-for-profit organization. As a statewide coalition of domestic violence programs, our mission is to ensure safety and protection of women in intimate relationships by coordinating domestic violence prevention and intervention services, affecting public policy, and establishing coordinated and consistent procedures and actions by the civil and criminal justice systems in Hawaii.

The purpose of the Coalition is to coordinate efforts to end family violence in Hawaii. The HSCADV provides education and training on family violence to service providers, collects resource materials and serves as a clearinghouse, provides technical assistance on family violence matters, and provides facilitation when requested by member agencies.

Mission: the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence engages communities to end domestic violence through education, advocacy, and action for social justice.

HSCADV is not a direct service provider. 

1164 Bishop Street Suite 1609, Honolulu, HI, Hawaii, HAWAII



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