Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Phone: 1-515-244-8028
Fax: 1-515-244-7417
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Information & Referral, Education & Training
Category: Non-Profit

Incorporated in 1985, the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) is a state level nonprofit organization that has proven its capacity as a state and national resource in responding to the needs of battered women and children. Currently, there are 30 direct service domestic violence member programs across the state. ICADV staff provide training, counseling, community outreach, program management and technical support for the member programs, professionals, and the community.

Mission: The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence seeks to engage all people in a movement to change the social and political systems that perpetuate violence against women. We do this through education, advocacy and quality victim services.

Vision: The future is simple: Every woman will be safe in her own home. No woman will fear the one she loves. Women and their children will be treated with dignity and respect. Communities will support healthy relationships and healthy sexuality.

**Updated as of 09/01/2020**

There are currently 28 direct service domestic violence programs which make up the Coalition. ICADV helps to address the concerns involving victims of domestic violence and their families both in rural and urban Iowa. Our programs support and involve battered women of all racial, social, religious,and economic groups, ages, and lifestyles.These programs include, but are not limited to public policy, a legal team, prevention, The Skylark Project, an AmeriCorps program, Housing and Economic Advocacy Taskforce (HEAT Force) and Training.

4725 Merle Hay Road, STE 107, Urbandale, IA, Iowa, ALASKA AND CONTINENTAL US



Infants, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

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