Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence

Phone: 1-503-230-1951, 1-888-236-5333 (hotline)
Fax: 1-503-230-1973
Email: info@ocadsv.org
Website: www.ocadsv.org
Types of Services Offered: Domestic Violence Services, Information & Referral, Sexual Assault Services, Education & Training
Category: Non-Profit

The Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1978. OCADSV is a feminist organization made up of programs across the state of Oregon, who serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our undertaking has been to provide technical assistance, training, public education to local crisis centers, and their communities; engage in systems advocacy; and support multi-disciplinary efforts to develop agency protocols. These activities promote recognition of sexual assault and domestic violence, enhance systemic responses to victims and their families, and support innovative approaches to ending domestic and sexual violence.

We view the commitment to social change as necessary to end violence against women and children, as well as to end oppression of all people. The Coalition promotes the belief that all women have the inherent right to make their own decisions concerning lifestyles, sexuality, sexual orientation, education, employment, reproductive matters and spirituality. We are committed to supporting and involving underserved communities as well as upholding standards for anti-racism work.

Our mission is to raise awareness about or regarding violence against all women and children, and to work towards non-violence through leadership in advocacy, public policy, training, resource development and social change.

Updated 08/31/2020

9570 SW Barbur Boulevard Suite 214, Portland, Oregon, ALASKA AND CONTINENTAL US

1-503-230-1951, 1-888-236-5333 (hotline)


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