Sexual Assault Network of Delaware (ContactLifeline)

Sexual Assault Network of Delaware (ContactLifeline)

Phone: 1-800-262-9800, 1-302-761-9700
Types of Services Offered: Counseling Services, Information & Referral, Sexual Assault Services, Education & Training, Support Services
Category: Non-Profit

About Sexual Assault Network of Delaware (SAND):

Sexual Assault Network of Delaware (SAND) is the sexual assault victim advocacy coalition for state of Delaware. SAND represents a group of interdisciplinary and diverse professionals including law enforcement, healthcare professionals, community leaders, victim service providers, victim advocates, and survivors


The mission of the SAND is to raise awareness of the problem of sexual assault in Delaware in all its forms. This includes, but is not limited to: sexual assault/violence, incest, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual exploitation such as human trafficking and the international sex trade. Through advocacy, training and education, SAND works to provide a continuum of effective services for survivors, identify service gaps and improve standards of care and intervention. SAND also works to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence state-wide through research and prevention efforts.

**Updated as of 08/26/2020**

Membership is open to any entity that has contact with sexual assault victims or provides service related to sexual assault. To become a member of SAND, an agency or individual contacts the SAND Chair and/or Coordinator to request to join. Members will endorse the mission of SAND. For more information: or email at

**Updated as of 08/26/2020**


1-800-262-9800, 1-302-761-9700

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