Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

Phone: 1-850-297-2000
Fax: 1-850-297-2002
Email: information@fcasv.org
Website: www.fcasv.org
Types of Services Offered: Information & Referral, Sexual Assault Services, Education & Training

Our Vision
We envision a world free of sexual violence in which men and women together essure that all human beings are treated with dignity and respect for their physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual intgrity.

Our Mission
Sexual Violence shatters lives, wounds communitites and perpetuates injustice. The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence leads, informs and inspires the people of Florida to create safe and just communities.

  • Improving Florida's sexual violence programs, including seeking funding, resources and services.
  • Collaborating with agencies from many different fields to advance the issue of sexual violence.
  • Providing up-to-date information and training to Florida's professionals
  • Raising public awareness about the impact of sexual violence
  • Developing, tracking and monitoring legislative initiatives that affect sexual violence survivors
  • Supporting the reduction of the risk of sexual violence through prevention education and through increased prosecution and criminal justice system accountability of perpetrators.


1820 E. Park Avenue, Florida, ALASKA AND CONTINENTAL US



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